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2017 design trend – “2D + 1”

these animations are strictly my speculation on design trends we will see in 2017. intended to be delivered to my clients on a quarterly basis, my hope is the media itself proves entertaining and serves to remind the recipient that they may have some design work needs doing. there are currently four of these short animations in development. this initial offering, “2D plus 1,” still needs some polishing before it goes live.

website redesign

ORION Jewelry is owned and operated by an incredibly talented craftswoman, Robin Hepburn. i designed and custom built the current iteration of ORION’s website in 2010; the existing website’s color scheme and design cues come straight from the boutique and studio designed by Robin herself. ORION has just moved to a new awesome location, and with that we are in process of creating a new website to match.

below is a “flat” (non-functional) design concept for the new website.

ORION web design concept

app with supporting website design
“Ah Ha”

“Ah Ha” is the working title for a project a group of my colleagues and I have been working on. the premise is a single platform, a repository if you will, for user-generated “how to” media. Obviously there’s already a ton of sites to find instruction, but this product would be targeted to the selfie-generation specifically; encouraging users to record themselves while undertaking unique, difficult, or potentially hilarious tasks. for example, the initial how-to posts will include: “what to do with the green wire when wiring multiple GFI outlets in line” and “how to get aerosol foaming glue product off of one’s scalp.”

website design concept
Ah Ha web design concept

app loading screen